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Including all known Perry Pears of Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire.

The national distribution of the specialised group of pears known as perry pears is very largely confined to the three counties of Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire. Most of the varieties originate from the parishes around May Hill on the border of Gloucestershire with Herefordshire and because of the difficulty in deciding which varieties are indigenous to the county, all known varieties from the three counties are included.

The standard reference work 'Perry Pears' was published in 1963 by Long Ashton Research Station as a result of field work undertaken by Ray Williams and Gillian Faulkner. This work is extensively referred to in this section on pears.

The author has carried out a further survey during the 1990s while helping to establish the National Perry Pear Collection at the Three Counties Showground, Malvern. During this survey a number of varieties mentioned but not described in 'Perry Pears' have finally come to light and are described here. In addition a number of varieties "new to science" have been discovered along with a small number of Gloucestershire dessert pears not previously recorded.

Charles Martell's "Pears of Gloucestershire & Perry Pears of the Three Counties" (2013)

Also out now as a book, published by Hartpury Heritage Trust and the Gloucestershire Orchard Trust. It is the culmination of many years of Charles’ research and is a must for anyone interested in perry pears.

Price (including p&p) £23.50 for softback (eg for field use) or £33.50 hardback

Both pear and apple pomonas are an excellent read and a vital resource for owners of orchards large and small, orchard groups, community groups, schools, individuals with an interest in local heritage, curators, conservationists and scientists. Please contact us if you would like a copy.

Download Pears of Gloucestershire by Charles Martell

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Status codes
  • Not endangered - more than 20 sites currently known
  • Endangered, 10 to 20 sites
  • Critical, 10 sites or fewer
Name Status Uses Origin
American Sickle
(synonym for Sickle Pear)
(synonym for Harley Gum)
Arlingham Squash
Possibly the ancient Green Squash pear of Evelyn. The fruit is distinguished by the lump on the end of its stem. The variety was saved by the disovery of one old tree.
Critical Unknown Arlingham
(synonym for Oldfield)
Aylton Red
(synonym for Red Pear)
Bache's White
(synonym for White Bache)
(synonym for Barland)
A 17th century variety whose perry was prescribed for its health-giving properties. A big tree like an oak. May have been started at Bosbury, Herefordshire.
Not endangered Unknown Bosbury/Heref
(synonym for Barnet)
(synonym for Turner's Barn)
Barn Pear
(synonym for Barnet)
Probably originated just south of Gloucester. Its fallen fruits may look like baby hedgehogs nestling in the grass hence its synonym. Edible.
Not endangered Unknown Gloucester
Bartestree Squash
Described from the Herefordshire village of its name. It makes a large tall tree and is a good cropper.
Critical Unknown Bartestree/Heref
Bastard Barland
(synonym for White Longdon)
Bastard Longdon Unknown Unknown Unknown
Bastard Longdon
(synonym for White Longdon)
Bastard Sack Unknown Unknown Unknown
(synonym for Barland)
Beech White
(synonym for White Bache)
Beetroot Pear
There is more than one cultivar of this name at Wick Court, Arlingham, thus it is a collective term for some red-fleshed perry pears.
Critical Unknown Arlingham
Beetroot Wick Court Alex Critical Unknown Arlingham
Beetroot Wick Court Ella Critical Unknown Arlingham
Beetroot Wick Court Eric Critical Unknown Arlingham
Betty Prosser
A 'variety new to science' in 1995, found on a remote farm in Corse. Who was Betty Prosser?
Critical Unknown Corse
Billy Thurston
(synonym for Thurston's Red)

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